Museum of Life, Chapter 1: How we got here

It is now just over one week since I took my two primary-aged children out of main stream school to home-educate them.

It was not an easy decision, nor one we took lightly. It was also a very emotional one because both the children and I appreciated many benefits of being part of a multi-cultural, inner-city community of people who brought a richness to our lives which we will miss. Most importantly, we will miss them. However, whilst those relationships brought many blessings, I do not believe socialisation should be a chief reason for attending school. Hence we have chosen to forgo those blessings for the sake of a different style and, dare I say it, a different aim, of education, which main stream schooling seems currently unable to provide. So it was not a dissatisfaction with the school, but the system, which has brought us to this point.

I have begun to explain (elsewhere on this blog) the style and goal of education which I believe best fits our nature as human persons: one which feeds the whole person through atmosphere, habits and ideas. I cannot claim any originality for these ideas – they are those of Charlotte Mason, who herself based them on the tried and tested practices of educators over the past 2 millennia, with some of her own original ideas added in. In the Museum of Life posts, I would like to share some of our experiences of the benefits of a “nourishing education”.

It has surprised me how quickly the benefits have begun to emerge, even in just one week!

If I have interested you enough to know more, read Chapter 2 here.


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