Why Nourish-ED?

Nourish-ED encapsulates the idea that education is about feeding the whole person and doing it well.

“The mind feeds on ideas and therefore children should have a generous curriculum.” (Charlotte Mason)

This idea in itself assumes certain things to be true:

Firstly, all education feeds a person.  The question is, will it be a nourishing meal that causes the person to flourish, or will it do the opposite?

Secondly, there is more to being a whole person than meets the eye, quite literally: there are aspects to personhood which are unseen as well as seen, non-physical as well as material.

Thirdly, if being a whole person involves physical and non physical attributes, part of education will be an invisible process.

“Education, like faith, is the evidence of things not seen.” (Charlotte Mason)

Fourthly, invisible processes are not easily measured, therefore it is inappropriate to reduce the education process to numbers or levels. This does not encourage people to flourish.

Fifthly, there is a way to feed the whole person (and even to measure or assess their growth) which does cause them to flourish.

Nourish-ED is my place to explore and discuss what that looks like.

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